The Pandemic Survival Guide 
Online Video Training Program for Physicians & APP's

Learn New Skills to Survive All the Layers of this COVID-19 Crisis, Hold Your Center and Find Solid Ground on the Far Side

The Old Normal is Gone. 
What Will Your New Normal Be?
Learn 5 Core Habits to Safely Navigate this Passage

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This is clearly one of those moments we will all look back on and say, "Remember 2020, when everything changed?"

The Envision Organization, Your Family, Your Career, Your own Personal Health and Happiness Depend on How You Respond when the Way Forward is Not Yet Clear.

=> Don't let yourself FREEZE like a deer in the headlights
=> Don't keep staring at a crystal ball that has gone dark
=> Don't allow yourself to get hijacked and overwhelmed by fear, frustration, anger, uncertainty and longing for a past that will never return

Let us show you simple, powerful tools so you can confidently:
=> Survive the acute crisis and keep your loved ones and work teams safe
=> Simplify your life and hone in on your Ideal Career/Practice
=> Develop FORESIGHT to recognize the future as it materializes 
=> Maintain your creativity and sense of fun and adventure
=> Craft a safe landing on the far side of the crisis for you and your family

Learn to do More than Just Survive
Work together on your own and with your Envision partners/colleagues to hold your center, stay healthy and resilient and step into the New Normal with confidence ... whenever it appears from the fog of the pandemic.

Hello, my name is Dike Drummond,

I am a Mayo-trained family doctor, an executive coach and creator of the Pandemic Survival Guide. For the last decade, I have specializing in helping doctors navigate the life transition of physician burnout.  

As CEO of, I have over 3000 hours of one-on-one coaching experience with burned out physicians in all specialties. I have trained over 40,000 doctors to recognize and prevent burnout in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. 

Your experience of this COVID-19 Pandemic has many similarities to a doctor's experience of burnout.

Each is a transformational crisis. In both cases you experience a sudden implosion of your comfort zone, a massive increase the intensity of your daily whirlwind and a disorienting loss of control.

- It is so easy to freeze - like the classic deer in the headlights.
- Or fall into Victim Mode and blame, justify and complain and pray for a savior.

When the only way forward is to find your center, refocus on what is truly important to you and your family, then recreate who you are and how you practice ... in the new reality whenever it arrives.

The Pandemic Survival Guide shares our top five tools to navigate this crisis -- tested and refined in thousands of hours of practice with doctors in similar life and career threatening circumstances.

These are short lessons delivered in weekly bites
The longest video lesson is just 13 minutes. 

A Survival Guide student said this:

"Much of what's happening right now is out of your control, but some of it is. Whether you sink or swim depends on being able to tell the difference.   
The Survival Guide stops you from wasting time. Super simple, high yield, shows you where to focus and what questions to ask. 

~ Rob Orman MD Host of the ERcast and Stimulus Podcasts



About your Instructor
How to get the most out of this training - 4 keys

The Whirlwind

A single breath to a new perspective
A cadence of stepping out of the whirlwind 
Escape Einstein's insanity trap

COVID-19 is a Noble Adversary

The 13 levels of the COVID-19 crisis
Bad on top of Bad on top of Bad for many months ahead

LESSON I: Survival is Task #1

Circle the wagons
All power to the shields
Clarify your boundaries
Practice saying "NO"

LESSON II: Navigating a V.U.C.A.D. World

Volatile - Uncertain - Complex - Ambiguous - Dangerous The mantra STOP -- KEEP -- START
Simplify and Focus to build your New Normal on Purpose

LESSON III: The Power of FORESIGHT: Three Key Skills

Look in the mirror
Look to the edges of your network
Ask better questions

LESSON IV: Tinker and Experiment

Maintain your curiosity and sense of exploration
Redefine FAILURE
With vocational impulses - SHADOW is step one

LESSON V: NEW-silience

Snap forward into a new configuration 
Radical self care
Your three energy accounts

Setting Up the THRIVE CYCLE

Cycle back through the lessons, one a week
To set up a THRIVE CYCLE 
And keep you nimble and prepared until the New Normal Appears

RESOURCES - Books, Links, Mini Trainings and More

A growing library of resources to support your journey
Food, workouts, reading, more useful tools

A Survival Guide student said this:

"A clear road map on how to navigate these terrifying and uncertain times. I came away with concrete tools that I could apply immediately to my personal situation, as well as a plan to thrive as the world continues to change unpredictably. 

The videos are short - made it possible for me to complete them amidst my busy schedule. I highly recommend this course." 

~ Christy Parham MD

And you are fully covered with our No Questions Asked, 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Pandemic Survival Guide for Physicians shares tools from the last decade of my one-on-one physician coaching practice. 
We know these lessons work and are happy to offer you a full guarantee. 
If you feel the skills in the Survival Guide were not worth the price you paid ... for any reason ... let me know and we will refund your purchase, no questions asked.

 Yes, Give Me the Skills to Navigate the Pandemic

As an ENVISION Physician or APP Your Investment is ONLY $97 $60 for
Lifetime Access to the Pandemic Survival Guide
  • Five video lessons, Discussion Questions, Action Steps and more. Includes:
  • Five Keys to Simple Survival -  You Must do these Now to Protect Your Family
  • Simplify and Refocus Your Life and Practice with this Three Word Mantra
  • Develop the Power of Foresight to Spot the New Normal as it Appears
  • Maintain your Creativity and Sense of Adventure in the Whirlwind
  • Maintain Readiness for as long as the Pandemic Lasts - the Thrive Cycle
  • Bonus: Ideal Job Description Process, After Action Review, Core Values Exercise
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